Apple Rubber Academy

Welcome to the Apple Rubber Academy: the free certification course where you can prove your expertise on rubber materials, sealing best practices and engineering quality.

  • Why Get Certified

    Why Get Certified

    极速赛车软件下载It's never too late to sharpen your skills. Take the course to become the in-house engineering expert.

  • Who is Apple Rubber

    Who is Apple Rubber

    Apple Rubber is a leading designer and manufacturer of O-Rings and rubber seals located in Lancaster, NY。

  • How do I get Started?

    How do I get Started?

    Register or login free with your existing account to check out the course syllabus and watch our introduction video。

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What do students say

Susan Jackson

Katie Olczak

BS Biochemical Engineering
PhD Candidate Biochemical Engineering
Currently at University of Florida.

"This course provides the perfect overview of the many aspects of the rubber manufacturing process, and how each step contributes to the finished product。 Illustrations throughout the course enabled me to have a clear comprehension of the material。 Overall, it was a user-friendly experience that allowed me to see how important it is to have a working knowledge of every step of the manufacturing process。"

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