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As a leading designer and manufacturer of seals and sealing devices, Apple Rubber offers the industry's broadest range of products to meet your seal requirements. We also have an unparalleled range of services and capabilities, and continually implement new technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers. This combination makes Apple Rubber an exceptional resource for your sealing solutions. An overview of our products and services follows. Experienced, knowledgeable sealing professionals are ready to assist you.


From the widest size range of O-rings in the industry to the largest selection of microminiature O-rings in the world, learn more about Apple's standard products。

O- Rings: The widest size range of O-rings in the seal industry, including every AS-568 Standard;most metrics; and a wide variety of non-standard sizes. Available in all common and many special materials and durometers.

MacrOring® Seals
MacrOring® Seals:MacrOring® seals are manufactured by proprietary processes for greater strength and tighter tolerances than conventional, large sized bonded O-tings. Available in a broad range of sizes from 5" I.D. to 500" I.D. and in cross sections from .070" to 1". Available in the most popular materials.

MicrOring® Seals
MicrOring® Seals:The largest selection of microminiature O-rings anywhere. A MicrOring® seal is any O-ring that measures less than 1 mm in either inside diameter (I.D.) or cross section (C.S.). Over 2,000 sizes of MicrOring® seals,from .039" I.D. or C.S. down to .008" I.D., the world's smallest O-ring. Microminiature composite seals and customengineered microminiature seals also available on special order.

Filter Seals
Filter Seals®: Innovative FilterSeals® are custom designed as a combination elastomer and fabric device that operates as both a seal and a filter. A wide variety of elastomers can be bonded to a variety of filter materials (TeflonTM Membrane, Nylon, Dacron,TM etc.). Provide cost and time savings - one part to purchase instead of two; one part to install.

Composite Seals
Composite Seals: Custom-engineered composite seals incorporating the seal and another component into one part - increases performance and reduces assembly costs. Composite seals include complicated parts such as rubber bonded to metal and plastic.

ExpresSeal®Advanced, computerized manufacturing technology which produces hydraulic and pneumatic seals in minutes for emergency replacements, hard-tofind parts, prototypes and more. U-cups, wipers, piston rings, bushings, back-up rings, wear rings, and O-rings also available from inventory.

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts and Seals
LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Parts and Seals: LSR parts and seals exhibit a wide temperature range (-85°F to 400°F), low compression set, and resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and ozone. Available in a durometer range of 10-80 Shore A for virtually any type seal or part including O-rings, gaskets, face seals, housing seals, FilterSeals®, and custom shapes.

Housing Seals
Housing Seals: Superior seals custom designed to fit specific housings. Ideal for a variety of applications, they outperform flat gaskets and other gasketing methods. Silicone housing (face) seals are generally reusable after disassembly, unlike RTV gaskets. Available in a range of hardnesses for plastic or metal housing requirements.

Custom Molded Shapes
Custom Molded Shapes: Custom designed allrubber shaped seals to meet exact specifcations, including microminiature shapes. Examples include molded inserts, bushings, poppets, connector seals and piston seals. Custom shapes and seals are available in a wide variety of materials.

EMI Shielded O-Rings and Seals
EMI Shielded O-Rings and Seals: Custom designed, EMI-shielded O-rings and seals for a variety of electronic applications provide an alternative to metallic coatings and other methods.

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